November 7, 2010

First, Second, Third...I MISSED YOU!

First...can I just say how much I have missed all of my blogging friends? It has been over a month and a half since I last blogged...I cannot believe that much time has passed! I hope all of you have been doing wonderfully. I have popped my head into many of your blogs lately, and it looks as if you are all up to the same beautiful work. 

Second...honestly, the blog break was just what I needed. I hadn't logged into my blog, read any of your blogs, or even checked my blog email until last week. It was very hard at first, but it was definitely what I needed with this heavy class load this semester.  I also can't say that I will be back as consistently as I was, but I will definitely be back blogging when I can.

Third (and most importantly)...I've found my dream home. Check it out!

The beauty starts out in this gorgeous foyer. I love the storage units; beautiful but practical.
 I really love this colors in this living room..especially the accents of blue. Did you notice that the wallpaper from the foyer carried over into the living room?'s on the ceiling...What do you think of wallpaper on the ceiling?
Okay...I'm in love with this kitchen. I love the white counter tops and the natural wood that is used for the island.
This "mud room" is connected to the kitchen.
All of those pictures are pages from a book. Gorgeous.
Doesn't that bed look so comfy? I also love the bead board going horizontally across the walls.
I think the closet is the perfect place for a little bit of wallpaper, and I love how this wallpaper gives the closet an extra girly touch.
Office nook in the master bedroom.
Master bathroom. Love the use of the dresser as the counter top.
And finally, the guest bedroom. A little tip: paint built-in shelving units the same color as the walls, it makes the space look bigger!

So, how about you guys...Have you ever found your dream home in a magazine?

Images from Country Living xo

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Fer said...

Just love the first picture, the combinations of color are just perfect.


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