November 8, 2010

Winter Wardrobe

It's funny, because many of the my blog readers and the blogs I read are written by people who are living on the other side of the world. Not only do I love that I can communicate with people so far away, I love that I'm getting to experience a little bit of summer through all of you. Here in Texas it is beginning to get chilly, and I'm loving being able to wear jeans, sweaters, boots, and my cozy moccasins.

Here are a few winter clothing items that I am loving...

Images from diva village, jigsaw, and minnetonka. xo 

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McCarthy Designs said...

Hey Carly, I just spent some time catching up with you and what you have been up to. I also had a bit of a break and yes sometimes you just need to. It is good to see you back though! xx

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