January 2, 2011

2011 Goals


I'm popping in to share some of my 2011 goals. 
Just like several other bloggers have done, I am writing a list for me, from me. 
I thought that this was a great idea. So here you go...

1) You always wished you had learned to sew. Heck, you have a grandma who is pretty much a full blown seamstress. 2011 is the year to learn! Wouldn't you love to be able to make your own throw pillows?

2) Learn how to use that camera that your parents bought you a few years ago. You don't know much about it's settings {and you aren't even sure you own the manual anymore}, but you can learn. Your blog could use some beautiful photos!

3) Make your bed daily.

4) Run a 5K. Your husband is an avid runner, he'd love to help just have to let him.

5) Start planning that European vacation for you and Code. If you don't start looking into it now, it won't happen.

6) Budget. Budget. Budget. It stinks, I know. But you know it works. 

7) Send some of your blogging friends little surprise gifts. They mean a lot to you. 

8) Always tell those that you love, how you feel about them. Life could end quick, you want to be sure that they know. 

9) Cook dinner at home at least 3 nights a week. Your husband will thank you. 

10) Stop shying away from some of those "big" DIY projects. Sure, some of the steps might suck, but the result is totally worth it.

Love to all x

Psst--Be sure to stay tuned this week for another great Turnaround Tuesday post!


Martha Carolyn said...

Those are all GREAT goals, and I know you can do it! :-)

modern jane said...

What a great list! If I can sew so can you:)
I got that little book in the photo for Christmas.. Keep Calm & Have a Cupcake. Hmmmm, sounds good to me but my resolution is to eat less cupcakes!!
Happy New Year and a good luck!

Kendra {House of Ficek} said...

Some great goals. There are many things I wish I would have asked my grandma to teach me before she no longer could. May 2011 be the best!

Jennifer said...

I'm on a budgeting kick too! Luckily we can hold eachother accountable.. if you see anything uber expensive pop up on my blog... please yell at me ;)

BRING IT 2011!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Michaela said...

Great goals, darling! My grandma is a wonderful seamstress, too, and I used to know how to sew, but kinda lost my touch! I can stitch things up really well by hand but not too good on the machine. I should brush up (:

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Those are great goals. I should sit down and make mine!

jessica said...

great list! i should probably do some of these too... :)

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