January 3, 2011

Beautiful Banquettes

We all have our dream homes right? And specific elements that we want in those dream homes, correct? Well, banquette seating has always been on my list of elements. To me, there is something so cozy and welcoming about it. Until I get to have my banquette seating, here are some beautiful images that help tide me {and you} over...

 Love the gallery wall over the seating
 Big and gorgeous!
 Probably my most favorite seating area. Love the colors and the gorgeous drum shade.

Do you love banquette seating as much as I do? 
What is a must-have element in your dream home? x

Images via BHG, house beautiful, absolutely beautiful things, diane bergeron, elle decor, and domino.


jessica said...

i love banquette seating! my favorites are 2 & 3... but i also love the gallery wall and the acrylic chairs... all i want when i buy a house-- large closets!! and a double oven! :)

Kendra {House of Ficek} said...

I love that first banquette, and I have the perfect spot for it. Only problem is that it is near the bottom of the to-do list.

Laura PARING DOWN said...

I love the banquette look but would prefer to have one side for chairs. When the DH and I sell our home and become location independent (YAY), we'd like to have both.

Watch me create a something cute with that 5th wheel - not the horrible decor they come with!

Happy 2011,

Jennifer said...

If I ever luck out and get my dream home -- banquette seating is a total must! I talk about it all the time! There are just SO MANY possibilities! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Megan said...

Oh my gosh...I absolutely love all of these pictures!! I must have this in my kitchen in my new house! Thanks for sharing all the pictures...I'm in love now! Going to browse! : ) So glad I found your blog!

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, these are gorgeous images & i just happen to be designing our dream home now!! It's pretty cool when you already have your family ready to move in & fill all the rooms, love Posie

McCarthy Designs said...

I love banquette seating Carly, unfortunately My hubby doesn't really! Oh well, I may convince him yet. I hope you had a lovely birthday and I wish you all the best for 2011. May you achieve your goals and may your year be blessed with much joy and love! xx

Katy said...

yes oh my goodness I LOVE banquette seating!!! i'm just hoping charlie does too when we get a house's happening. ;)

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