May 3, 2011

Easy {and cheap} Paneled Wall

I don't know how I missed this tutorial before, but it's just amazing and I love how cheap the project really is. I'm already trying to decide what room I would like to do this project in, and I'm thinking our dining room would be just perfect. I'll keep you updated on that, but until then let's look at some pictures of how great this project can look.

This is a picture from the original project done by Jenny from Evolution of Style. This paneled wall/headboard was done in her daughter's bedroom.

And here is another version from Emily's blog A Well Dressed Home. One of Emily's clients did this project with her husband and they only spent $75!

I cannot wait to attempt this project this summer!

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1 comment:

Morgan said...

I sooooo want to try this! Think I will in our next house!

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