May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all of my beautiful readers! I hope you're all enjoying a day off like I am. While today is a great day to spend time with friends and have a little cookout (or maybe work on some projects!), I think we must also take the day to remember those who intentionally put their lives in danger for our freedom, many who lost their lives in the fight for us all.

I cannot help but think about one particular great grandaddy Lloyd. I had the privilege of knowing three of my great grandparents; two grandmothers and my grandaddy who I mentioned above. 

My grandaddy was drafted to fight in WWII. Unfortunately, he was drafted quite unfairly. He was the sole provider for his mother and her only living child, and this alone should've kept him from being drafted (it is this rule that the movie Saving Private Ryan is based off of). He was also on the older end of the drafting age limit and the father of four children. My grandma told me that he always believed that the drafting board of his county was jealous of his farming success and for this reason they sent him.

I only have one picture of my great grandaddy on my computer, but it is one of my favorites of him and my great grandma Pauline.This picture was taken many years after the war at their home (and my favorite place) in Telephone, TX.

Why are they laughing? Just check out the dog in the background...ha!

My grandaddy went on to receive two Purple Heart medal's during his time serving in WWII. He came home safely, raised his children, saw his grand kids and several of his great grand kids born. He unfortunately succumbed to Alzheimer's and pneumonia when I was younger.

I am eternally grateful to my great grandpa and every other soldier who has put their own life in danger for my freedom and safety. Take a moment to remember those who gave it all up for us.

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PaigeCakesDesign said...

That is one awesome photo. Lol! Yes, it's true. A lot of folks don't realize the major sacrifice that our fellow citizens make for us every day. Thanks, to them, for everything.

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