December 20, 2009

Cute & Easy Christmas Table Runner

I recently found this adorable and super simple idea for a Christmas table runner here. All it takes is a piece of burlap and a few scraps of fun fabric. The instructions suggest using those few pieces of fabric scraps to cut Christmas shapes out of and then attach those pieces to the burlap runner, but I also thought it might be really fun and easy to buy a few Christmas sponge stamps to create the shapes. Dip em in paint & go. For all of you with kiddos out there, using the sponge stamps could be a great and easy way to get them involved in this little craft.

So adorable! I hope to have some time to try this little craft out this week, although I won't be able to leave it out on my table for too long, if not this year...definitely next year!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Carly... those little yellow spotted christmas trees are very cute.

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