December 22, 2009

White on White

My hubby, Cody, and I have been living in our house for about 7 months now. Cody owned the house before I moved in and before me, Cody lived here with 5 other guys...crazy right? Needless to say when I moved in our now humble abode needed some TLC. 7 months later...I wish I could redo this entire house! But I suppose that's how it always goes.

Lately, I've really been loving something that I never thought I would and that would be...white-on-white rooms and decor. I especially love this look in bedrooms. Here are some beautiful rooms that I absolutely adore.


The little pops of accent colors are so great as well. So what do you guys think about white-on-white decor? Do you think it is nice and fresh or a little too stark? 

Carly xx


Anna said...

I am crazy about white on white..or just white..just so refreshing and stylish..yet inviting and open. Great post :)

Mackenzie said...

i just did a post on this too — great minds think alike!

i love the way the orange pillows pop against the neutral background in the last picture — good find! thanks for the inspiration!

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