December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Of course all of you know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Which means...lots and lots of food, family, fires in the fireplace, presents, sweets, and hopefully a little time to just "be."  This will be my last post till after the New Year. I'm vowing to take a break from everything that the internet entails, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll take a break from scouring over magazines and other things for inspiration. I encourage each of you to take a break from the world of phones, television, and internet as well...sometimes we all need a little bit of time away, and what better time than the holidays? Here are a few beautiful holiday pictures to gaze upon...

How cute is this idea? Found here from Katie Bower at All Bower Power. Numbering your gifts starting at 1 for the smallest gifts and going higher in number as the gifts get larger. Adorable. My only question...what about the "big," beautiful gifts that come in a small box...are they adorned with a lower or higher number? ;)


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that jazz! See you guys in the new year.

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7. Design*Sponge

P.S.: Look forward to another post about polka dots used in decor...I've got some great picture inspiration thanks to Anna from!

Carly xx

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