February 11, 2011

Office Update

Awhile back I blogged about our office redo. This project has been moving slowly for different reasons, but mainly because of the lack of funds and the lack of time. Hubby will be receiving a bonus this summer and we plan to use that to get a lot done, but until then I'll have to suffer do a little at a time.

When I blogged about the office last, I shared this little mood board that I created...

A few things have changed since then. One, I decided against painting the desk green. It's not that I changed my mind about the color, but I know how indecisive I am and how quickly my mind changes on things. Green is a big commitment; so, I decided to just stick with a plain black desk. It'll still fit in the room but can fit into other color schemes through out the years.

I also decided to get rid of the desk that we had {I mentioned it at the end of my last office post}. It was a "computer desk" meaning that it was way too small to do crafts and grade all of my papers on. Instead, I've decided to buy a small dining room table, and use it as a desk. Plenty of space and sleek simple lines. I'm currently looking at these two great deals from Walmart...

 Choice 1:
 Finish: Black {although, it looks a little Espresso-y here}
Dimensions in Inches {L x W x H}: 45 x 28 x 29
Price: $79.00 

Choice 2:
Finish: Black
Dimensions in Inches {L x W x H}: 48 x 31.88 x 30
Price: $99.00

I've read the reviews on both products, and they both have received really good reviews. I feel like you get what you pay for in situations like this, but right now these prices are more realistic in our budget. Plus, most of what I've bought from Walmart in the past has been pretty durable and a good deal. I'm willing to take a chance again. And if all else fails, Walmart is great about returns.

Which table do you like more, Choice 1 or Choice 2?

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Kendra @ House of Ficek said...

I feel you on the personal "budget crisis" ;) have you considered Ikea at all? I know it is a haul to get out there, but they have some great deals too. I like the lines in option one, I think they're a little more sleek.

modern jane said...

I think that green would be striking but I understand about playing it safe! You can always paint it down the road if you feel like it! I like the ones from Walmart. Good choices!

Holli said...

I like choice number one :)

Carrie said...

I prefer choice #1.

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