March 7, 2011

My Weekend Project

As you all know, I've slowly been working on my office redo. {if you don't remember, you can read about it here, here, here, and here.} Thankfully, with the tax return coming in, we're starting to pick up the speed. This Saturday I was determined to get some shelving put  in above the new desk.

I didn't want to pay an expensive price for a simple shelving unit that I knew we could accomplish, we headed to Home Depot, ran into my parents there, chatted, ate a hot dog from the cart outside {you know they're good}, and finally came home with all of the pieces we needed.

An hour and a half later, our shelves were up and I couldn't happier. 

The shelves obviously aren't full yet, but I love how much space I have.

 These little supply jars are one of my favorite details. I love the pops of color.

Total Project Cost? Only $85!

My next few steps are to find a desk chair, hang some curtains, head to IKEA for an Expedit shelf to use as a window seat, and then add all of the fun little finishing touches. I am so happy with how things are looking so far, it's definitely beginning to feel like an office.

What projects were you workin' on this weekend? x


modern jane said...

Looks great Carly!

Holli said...

Very cute! Lookin' good!

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