May 25, 2011

Design ADD

I’m what you might call a hypochondriac. WebMD is my best friend and my hubby constantly has to remind me that just because I have a random bruise on my leg it doesn’t mean that I have thrombophlebitis (yes, that’s a real condition). However, there is one condition that I know I have, and that condition is Design ADD.

You might remember me mentioning that we’re redoing our dining room and while I’m so excited about that, I cannot help but move onto my living room before I’ve even touched the dining room. I’ve found that I do my best work whenever I am completely focused on one area, but it’s so hard when all of these ideas are swimming around in my mind.

So to make sure that I stay on track I once again created a mood board on OlioBoard. Here is what the mood board is looking like:
OB-Dining Room
Here are the details:
  • Wall Color -- I chose "Nautical Navy" by Valspar. I used my Valspar $5 off coupon. (More on this soon)
  • Silhouette Art -- This is obviously a DIY project. I'm planning on doing a silhouette of me, Cody, and our two pups Molly and Moose.
  • Yellow Frames -- The frames are for the silhouette art, but the frames will be oval shaped.  I've already found a great deal on frames from Walmart and I'm just waiting for them to arrive. Although the frames are black I am planning on giving them a nice coat of spray paint in a bright color...must likely yellow.
  • Dining Table and Parsons Chairs -- These are items we already own. 
  • Pendant Lamp -- We currently have your standard brass chandelier in our dining room..blech! I'm looking for something funky, sleek, and simple.
  • White Curtains -- I want to go simple with just plain white curtains, I really think that they will help lighten up the room.
  • Subway Art -- There is one long wall in our dining room, this is where the silhouette art will go. The other wall has a large window. And the last wall is very short and currently completely blank. I plan to either make some subway art or actually paint words onto the wall. These are the words that I'm thinking about using:

So now I just need to stay focused and get this dining room finished. My hubby and the puppies are out of the house, I've got my painting clothes on, and the DIY network is on the television in the's time to get to work!

Psst -- My joke about 'Design ADD' is just that...a joke. I've made comments like this before and apparently offended others. It is a joke and it is never meant to offend. I am aware that ADD is a true problem.

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Hilary said...

Hey I chose nautical navy as my free valspar sample! Can't wait to see it on your walls. Better hurry up though because I believe the coupon expires the 30th.

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