May 26, 2011

Our Garden Progess

It has now been two and a half weeks since we started our little garden (you can see the first post about it here...unfortunately, blogger deleted my other post about the garden). About half of our plants were planted from seed and the other half started as already grown plants, but we were happy to see that our little seeds quickly caught up. Here's a view of what our garden is looking like today...

 Corn. These plants started as seeds.
Green bean plants. These babies started as seeds as well.
Lettuce. These started as seeds and are growing slowly but surely.
 Onion sprouts.
Potato sprouts. Since onions and potatoes are root vegetables, that have grown very slowly.

And here are a few comparative pictures to show how much some of our other plants have grown in the past few weeks...

 Tomato plant growth.
 Honeydew growth.
Overall garden growth..isn't so pretty now that it's green?

It's so much fun to walk outside each day and see what has changed. I swear that things really do just change over night. I seriously think that anyone can do this type of gardening. 

If you're interested, you can contact me at carlyhoneyandthemoon at gmail dot com. I'd love to guide you to the book and other sources that we used to create our garden!


Amanda said...

Wow, it's all looking fantastic in your vegetable patch! Our lettuces are starting to take off too but my beans aren't as healthy looking as yours :)

Blogger said...

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