May 24, 2011

Living Room Inspiration

Last week I gave you guys a tour of our living room. I mentioned that I envisioned bright blues and yellows in the room, but little did I know that I had recently been given the perfect inspiration piece.

My aunt and uncle are part of a pretty successful band here in the DFW area and when I saw the poster for this concert series that they were participating in, I knew I had to have one. Although I couldn’t make the show, my aunt and uncle picked up a poster for me and I’m happy to say that it looks even better framed.

I’m aware that the poster might be a little funky for some people’s taste, but I think it’s so beautiful and so interesting. I love the colors, and it is these colors that I am drawing inspiration from and plan to use in the entire room.

Here are some close ups of the print so that you can see the colors a little more clearly…

013 014 
The yellows and blues are so happy and I think they’ll be so fun in our living room. I’m thinking I’ll place this frame in the blank space of the entryway that you saw here in my living room tour.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering…my aunt and uncle’s band is listed on this poster (which makes the poster even more special)…


Our living room transformation will most likely be slow, as our dining room transformation is what is on the forefront of my mind; but, it’s nice to have inspiration and an idea of where we’re (slowly) going!

Have a great Tuesday! x

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