February 16, 2011

It Has Been Ordered...

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I've officially ordered this dining room table from Walmart, to use as a desk in our office. Most of you seemed to like this choice more, commenting that you thought that the lines were the most clean and simple. And I totally agreed, even better...this table was the cheaper option. I've received my conformation email and have been told that I should get my "desk" as early as this Friday, so hopefully you'll be seeing pictures next week!

I figure some of you are also wondering what I'm up to on that master bedroom redo that I was one working so diligently on {read about it here, here, and here}...

{My inspiration photo}

I'm currently looking for different, unique plates to hang over our bed. I think all of these plain, white plates are beautiful, but I'm hoping for something a little different and kinda funky. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

What are you up to in your home? I'd love to see some links.

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